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Innovator of Screens

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5000 m² screen manufactrue factory

Maximum 23 X 15M screen size capability

Leading perforation, welding and coating techonlogy

Paint lab dedicated to screen surface development

Frame / Masking production

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Screensolution's engineers provide the No.1 service from placing an order to final installation on site.

A Screen made of Craftmanship with the best equipment will give movie-goers innovative experiecnes in cinema

We make innovation through outstanding techonolgy and sympathize with the clients on new changes.

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Screensolution R&D department is dedicated to provide brighter and more vivid screen to customers

With our own unique paint screen and coating technics,

Screensolution change our market with insight towards the future

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Our History

Founded in 2010

Main Screen Supplier of Korean and Asian Cinema Market

Innovative Auditorium Frame Design Developer and Installer

Thousands of Cinema Frame & Screen Installed

Patented Cinema Technology